Sometimes the most difficult situations lead you on a path to unimagined success. That is the story of Mohammad and how unemployment became accidental entrepreneurship.

When the financial crisis hit, Mohammad found himself without a job like so many Americans. Instead of being discouraged by this bout of bad luck, he saw it as an opportunity. Wasting no time, he began his first stint as an entrepreneur, opening an internet cafe.

In the age of the flip phone, technology as we know it was in its early stages. One day, a man came into Mohammad’s cafe with a broken computer. A sign of the times, he could not afford a new one, but desperately needed it to apply for jobs.

Mohammad was able to fix the man’s computer at an affordable price, relieving a little bit of his stress and sending him on his way a happy customer. Inspiration hit once again. Could there be a market for fast, reliable and affordable repair services? YES!

A true entrepreneur at heart, Mohammad enlisted his brother and a knowledgeable team to start Computer & Smartphone repair with one goal in mind: give people the best, most timely service. Coming out of the financial crisis and into a new era of technology with 8 locations and counting, Mohammad and the CSR team are more dedicated than ever to staying on top of the latest technology while providing outstanding customer service.